A Success Story

October 18, 2010, by Braeden Pashley

How do you define “success?”

If I ran 5 miles today, I would consider that a huge personal success. However, that may be half of what a world-class marathon runner completes on a daily basis, and therefore he or she doesn’t define that as his or her own personal success. My eight-year-old nephew overcame his fear of playing in his first football game and went on to score a touchdown. In his eyes (and mine) he was extremely successful. However, his older brothers brag that they always score more than once; therefore, my nephew’s success was not that noteworthy in his brothers’ eyes.

At Fox Rehabilitation, I get the pleasure of reading about individual successes on a daily basis. Although they may seem small on the surface, the successes these individuals experience have truly changed their lives for the better.

For instance, most of us wake up in the morning, bathe, dress, and feed ourselves without much thought. We go through our morning routine without truly thinking about the steps we had to take, and would not normally define them as a “success.” However, what if you were no longer physically able to carry out the simple act of dressing yourself? After relying on others to aid you in these activities of daily living for weeks, or even years, you would consider being able to dress yourself a huge success.

Take one of our patients, Barbara Delessio, as an example. As described by her physical therapist, Anthony Buccafurni PT, DPT, “When I met Ms. Delessio, in her own words, she had lost her drive to improve the current obstacles that were limiting her with her day-to-day activates. Her daughter was so focused on finding some answer to motivate her mother to improve.”

After building a rapport with Barbara and establishing her goals, Anthony and Laura, her occupational therapist, were able to help Ms. Delessio create her own success. As her daughter writes, “Anthony took care of my mother with such respect, not to mention gave her a new lease on life! Anthony in the past several weeks has gotten my mother to walk again!!…My mother was unable to dress herself for the past two years (and) Laura has given this gift back to my mother, which has made me very happy. (They) have breathed life back into my mother…”

Through hard work, determination, and guidance from her Fox physical and occupational therapists, Barbara was able to feel successful again. The ability to function independently has given her back her life. Many of our patients say we have saved their lives…their sanity…their world. Of course, we know that it is they who saved themselves. Fox is simply honored to be a way to their success.

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