Essence of a Geriatric House Call

The Essence of a House Call

FOX physical, occupational and speech therapists make about 8,000 Geriatric House Calls™ every week. When we founded FOX, we didn’t copy the old way. We just did what seemed right. Right for our practice. Right for our clinicians. But, most of all, right for our clients. As you can imagine, providing in-home therapy is easier on clients as well as their family members because they don’t have to be concerned about transportation.  But more importantly, clients are able to go through their sessions in the comfort of their own homes.

FOX clinicians understand that each client has unique needs and challenges. As a result, the first thing our clinicians do after greeting the client is to have a discussion to find out what may be holding the client back from reaching their desired goals. Then the clinician will conduct a physical evaluation to get a base-line for the client. Once that is complete, the FOX clinician will use this information and client goals to develop a customized, proactive, evidence-based plan to achieve optimal function for the client.

Every session is provided by the same clinician, which helps to develop trust, maintain a consistent level of care and allows our therapists to better learn abilities and limitations of their clients. A typical session will last about 45 minutes, during which the clinician and client will discuss progress or setbacks since the last meeting, explain the goal of the day, and conduct the planned exercises.

These one-on-one Geriatric House Calls are more than just therapy sessions. They are opportunities to develop caring relationships that have proven to maximize client outcomes.  As you could imagine, most FOX clinicians are young enough to be the clients’ children or even grandchildren resulting in an interesting dynamic during sessions. Many FOX clinicians have reported that having the time to get to know their clients is the best part of their job because they get to see the growth and progress over time. At the same time, our clients have reported that their clinician becomes more than just a therapist to them, quickly seeing them as another member of their family.

This model of care has been working for FOX clients for more than 17 years. Contact us to learn more.